Be ready to run wild with your imagination

Main stage

Take your place in Blast interstellar journey

In a suggestive scenario, technology leaders, entrepreneurs and key players give their best to inspire an innovative thinking in the attendees.

We believe that the ability of communicate and narrate new paths is vital to raise and create a world that must find in digital innovation an inner international connection authenticating so our cultures, roots, ambitions, intuitions and mostly our creativity. On the main stage you can find:

Inspiring talks | panel discussions | live interviews |keynote speeches


Learn from the best in an international and top level environment

The Academy provides a cutting-edge program of workshops during which entrepreneurs, mentors and technology leaders talk about the most powerful and resourceful tools for a startup. Whether you are a new or “wannabe” entrepreneurs you have the chance to debate, discuss, challenge and advance your knowledge.

call for speakers

Be the shining star of BLAST galaxy

Blast gives you the opportunity to tell us your stories and make us dream big. Stand up on stage and reveal your success and failures, your dreams and nightmares, your battles and defeats, your professional history and your personal growing. This will be the moment when you finally will be able to inspire the people around you, help them to believe in their ideas, increase their strengths and motivations. Call for speaker is open for: inspiring talks, panel discussions, live interview, academy.

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