Startup Arena and BLAST Wars

Play the game and catch the prize

How they work



All the pre-seed, seed and early stage startups that operates in fintech, foodtech, IoT, Industry 4.0, AR/VR, Artificial Intelligence and Aerospace can apply for BLAST Startup Program.



Only 150 startups will be selected to take part to BLAST and only 30 of them will be admited to the Startup Arena.


Startup Arena

During the first two days of the event, the 30 selected startups will be divided in six groups and will have the opportunity of 10 minutes of pitch and Q&A on the Startups Stage. From these groups, only six will pass to the next step.



During the last day of the event will take place the BLAST Wars. Divided in three rounds, the remaining six startups have to pass some trials and try to catch the 30.000€ cash prize.

Application will close on April 30th, 2017


  • Why a selection process? Because for 2017 there are 150 Booths available. BLAST is a high-quality and high-networking event and we want to increase the chances of opportunities and matching for all attending startups.
  • What’s next after the application? You will be contacted by BLAST Selection Team to schedule a conference call.
  • How should I prepare? We want to learn about your startup and your vision.
  • What if I applied for the Startup Arena too? You will enter the selection process for the competition and you will be asked to provide more documents and to accept the competition rules.
  • What if I have been selected for the BLAST 2017 Startup Program? You will be asked to accept terms and conditions and to proceed to payment.
  • What if I’m not selected? If you’re not selected for BLAST Startup Program, you can book an Attendee Pass at the cost indicated at the Pass Registration Page.
  • What’s included in the startup package and are there any additional taxes or charges I should be aware of? The startup BLAST PASS 2017 includes access to selection for Startup Arena, your information and access to the matching tool, 2 passes, your 3 days exhibition booth, full acces to exhibition space, conferences, academy. Company logo and description on BLAST website and communication materials. The total cost is €700 excluded taxes.
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