We connect different worlds in one galaxy to discover new adventures

Who we are

Blast is the brand new international event that gathers and connects professionals, enterprises, technology leaders, investors and startups from all over the world to boost and spread new business and effective actions. Connections are vital for the Blast Team and we do believe that bringing together people who have ideas and those who can realize them can change the world and unlock human potential. The team is based in Rome and works daily with passion and motivation on creating a network and a hub that aims to create and develop improvement in the innovational world. Blast’s founders are professionals in the digital technology field with different backgrounds that matching together consistently for reaching the goal of this project.

Our values

Blast embraces three core value: Connect, Inspire and Build. We stand behind the idea that enable a connection among entrepreneurs, tech leaders, digital pros, enterprises, startuppers and investors is vital to create and develop a networking market that can have a real impact on the technology and innovation field.  At the same level, Blast, aims to inspire people through action-driven talks and highly interactive workshops whit the purpose to unchain human potential and creativity. Moreover, Blast builds together with investors, startuppers and enterprises effective and lasting actions in an international and top level environment with the goal of helping the startup and companies to establish themselves on the market and be competitive.

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